Robu as a company

We help to improve the quality of life

Robu Oy was founded in 2016, and together we have over ten years of experience in modern digital service development. We are a constantly growing consultancy and software company specializing in the healthcare and social services sector. 

Our mission is to create new ways to overrule old habits. We aim to get rid of the massive, monolith one-supplier systems and substitute them with openness, APIs and scalability to our clients’ operating environments. 

We are a technology-independent company specialized in modern open-source technologies. We are agile and user-centered and bring the field’s newest know-how and latest technologies to our clients.

At Robu, people always come first. We invest in our employees well-being and in a homely work environment that reflects into our clients as well. Transparency and openness, both internally at Robu and between us and our clients, increases trust and helps to achieve common goals smoothly.

Our goal is restrained and organic growth with internal financing to keep the benefits of a small business and an excellent team spirit. Our vision is to reform the Finnish social and healthcare sector agilely and reliably, one digital service at a time.

Our Customers

Career at Robu

A career at us means first and foremost, a meaningful job, challenging yourself, new friends, and professional growth. Sometimes the road to success takes a sidetrack through failure, which is OK with us. The work community’s support is important to us Robutants, and we expect our new colleagues to be working together for the common goals while paying attention to the others around you.