Our services

We are experienced in developing digital services and creating system integrations for the healthcare and social services sector. We build modern software with modern technologies to help improve the quality of life.


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We offer an alternative for massive, monolith systems and substitute them with openness, APIs and scalability. 

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User-centered design ensures excellent user experience and accessible services, plus prevents the accumulation of extra costs.

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Right information, in the right place, at the right time

Agile software and application development

We are specialized in developing the digital services of the healthcare and social services sector by providing modern solutions with modern, open-source technologies. We offer an alternative for massive, monolith systems and substitute them with openness, APIs and scalability in the form of microservices architecture.

Each software and application development project starts with carefully defining the client’s needs to find the solution that would ease their everyday lives the most. We mainly utilize Scrum’s agile methods in our projects, due to it’s iterative process which ensures smooth flow towards the end goals. We also build mobile applications; whether it’s PWA, React Native, or native, we deliver.

Because we are technology-independent, we always choose the best-suiting modern libraries per client need. The service users are always the stars of each development phase to create top-notch user experiences and life-easing services.

User-centered UI/UX Design

Well-designed and pleasant visuals are part of a successful digital service project. The user-centered approach for design ensures an excellent user experience and accessible services. And it also prevents the accumulation of extra costs.

We integrate user-centered design methods to projects from the initial user research and business needs to the last usability tests and follow-up. Our expert designers shine at spotting the finest nuances to visualize the business needs into an aesthetic and functional result. 

With interactive prototypes, we bring the service into testing and iterative service development without needing to modify the code, which allows the developers to focus on the technical execution of ready-chewed services.

Integrations & APIs

Right information in the right place, at the right time. Your business process determines what information is needed where, and when. We integrate background processes, external data sources and end devices seamlessly together. We can recommend appropriate solutions for the client’s needs and only utilize platform solutions and/or products if we feel they are genuinely useful.

We connect backend services, external pipelines and interface devices seamlessly together, following the definitions from the client’s business processes. We can recommend suitable solutions for the client’s current needs, and we will not push pre-existing old integration platforms further.

We work smoothly in the cloud environment and favor light, reliable and simple solutions that help in business scaling and success. We use interfaces and de facto technologies to significantly reduce the customer’s business risk of only using one supplier.