Our services

Software and application development​

We bring new alternatives to the old ways of working. Our expertise and operations bring a new option for the monolithic and massive one supplier systems. We create openness, interfaces, manageability and scalability to our customers’ systems. We are a technologically independent and solution oriented software company. 

We design and develop softwares and applications in an agile way with the latest technologies. We have developed different size systems from simple applications to patient information systems.

UI and UX Design

User-centered design and usability start with the user and the use context. User-centered design helps better to understand the problem, user needs and the whole project. Good usability improves e.g. system’s efficiency, sales and the user experience.

We integrate user-centered design methods to projects from the initial user research and business needs to the last usability tests and follow up. We ensure the success of agile development by utilizing Lean UX principles to support the development team.


Right information, in the right place, at the right time. Your business process determines what information is needed, where and when. We integrate background processes, external data sources and end devices seamlessly together. We can recommend appropriate solutions to the customers’ needs and only utilize platform solutions and/or products if we feel that they are genuinely useful.

We connect backend services, external pipelines and interface devices seamlessly together following the definitions from the customers’ business processes. We can recommend suitable solutions for the customers’ current needs, and we will not push already old integration platforms further.

We work smoothly in the cloud environment and favour light, reliable and simple solutions that help in business scaling and in success. We use interfaces and de facto technologies to significantly reduce the customer’s business risk of only using one supplier.

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